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Perfect Timing (Sound & Picture Editor

Marissa seeks out to discover how adoption has shaped her life when she comes across her family’s old home videos in this short documentary. Nominated for Best Documentary CineSiege 2021. 

Riki (Cinematographer)

A documentary film revolving around the life of a Chinese sushi chef- who has never tasted sushi- living in Toronto as an immigrant. Winner for Best Documentary (2nd Year) at CineSiege 2020. 

Going Home (Director/Cinematographer/Editor)

Compiled footage of the first time I went back to my home in India, after moving to Singapore. 

The Cure (Editor & Script Supervisor)

A teenage girl must confront her insecurities as well as her past when she arrives at an appointment for conversion therapy.

Corrupted (Editor)

An alternative/experimental film showing the emotional turmoil of a young girl struggling to cope up with her past.

Hopefully Hopeless (Director/Cinematographer/Editor)

A young girl hopelessly looking for inspiration and motivation is guided by her father towards hopefulness. 

I Don't Really Mind (Script Supervisor)

A janitor is trying to complete his nightly shift when he is interrupted by several mysterious noises as well as his own imagination. 

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