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apoorva chugh


mattamy homes

Our strategic focus was to position Mattamy Homes as a top leader in North America's homebuilding sector. By strategically enhancing our social media presence, particularly through high-engagement reels that garnered over 50K views,

we aimed to connect deeply with a younger demographic. This approach led to a significant 16x increase in account reach, demonstrating our effectiveness in engaging a broader, digitally savvy audience.

  • content creation: apoorva chugh 
    community manager: alicia mcauley


mattamy homes

As a graphic designer, my role extended to creating essential branding and marketing assets for community and condo launches. This encompassed meticulously crafting impactful brochures and signage that captured the distinctive essence of each project.

These materials were instrumental in shaping a cohesive visual identity that resonated with our target audience, effectively showcasing the unique features and lifestyle offerings of each development.

  • graphic design: apoorva chugh 
    creative direction: pedro ramos 

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